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Badge production: Which is better for nickel plating and silver plating?
- Nov 23, 2018 -

Nickel plating is a plating method commonly used in the production of badges. Bright nickel is obtained in the plating solution with brightener, and dark nickel is obtained in the electrolyte without the brightener. The effect of silver plating is almost the same as that of nickel plating. It is mainly used in various kinds of jewelry, tableware and electronic products. However, due to the characteristics of both, nickel plating is more widely used than silver plating in plating badges.

Nickel plating is harder than silver plating, has a strong wear resistance, and is more durable in appearance.

Nickel plating is highly stable in air, and silver plating is easily oxidized and blackened, which affects the aesthetics of the article.

Nickel plating has a strong polishing performance, which gives the surface of the object a mirror-like luster and long storage time.

Nickel plating is more widely used than silver plating, and can be used as a protective decorative coating to protect articles from corrosion and bright decoration.