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Challenge coin customization has such a big effect!
- Nov 23, 2018 -

The rise and fall of every great company and brand is related to the social needs of the times. A small-scale company should have dozens of employees or hundreds of employees. There are also competitions among employees. Every year, some gifts need to be awarded as rewards for outstanding people. What kind of gifts can have both honor and value. Reflecting the company's signboard? Gold and silver challenge coins, gold and silver medal gifts is a very good choice, not only has cultural value, commemorative meaning, but also the choice of investment value.

Today's corporate custom gold and silver challenge coins, to enable consumers to intervene in the design of the product, and even in the production process, can design the design of the pattern and text to the gold and silver challenge coin products. This kind of gold and silver challenge coin and challenge chapter has strong corporate attributes, can meet the different needs of different units and groups, and truly achieve self-leading consumption.