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Corporate Anniversary Gift selection of badges to customize what are the benefits?
- Apr 17, 2018 -

Chapter Custom style complete, versatile, can be with a willing to go with, showing the value of goods, of course, the appearance or the middle of the OH ! Therefore, we in the purchase of badges manufacturers must first understand the qualifications of manufacturers.

Rational consumption and maintain a sober and pragmatic sense of self

have chosen a satisfactory handicraft manufacturers!

Badge making material

Copper (recommended)/zinc alloy/stainless steel/Iron

Coat of arms production process

1, concave-convex effect: baking paint, stamping 2, smooth surface: Screen printing, cloisonne (enamel), imitation cloisonne (imitation enamel)

3, the pattern color gradient: Must use the flat print (drop plastic badge), generally will add a layer of transparent protective resin on the surface

Coat of arms applicable object

Festival commemoration, opening ceremony, promotional gifts for enterprise activities What do you buy for anniversary souvenirs?

The company's anniversary is the best time to publicize the business, and at this time, many companies will hype. On these anniversaries, we often receive gifts from companies.

Our country has been advocating "reciprocity" this allusion, send What kind of gift is also very learned.

However, the anniversary is every year, if the annual send the same gift, not only no new Meaning, also let the recipient is not expecting. The emblem of an exclusive enterprise has gradually become the best choice for corporate anniversary gifts.