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Double-sided coin has become a new artwork
- Jan 05, 2018 -

As we all know,usually coins are round.The beginning of the coin is in the form of currency, used to exchange goods, do not have artistic value, only the collection value.

Now coins are no longer confined to exchange purposes,after long time development,double-sided coin has become a new artwork.And coin has develop into all field.

The shape of the coin is no longer limited to circles, such as diamonds, rectangles, triangles etc. Even some coin is like a animal or a car ,an airplane ,a people  and so on . The shape of coins is various shapes,here attachhed some coin for your reference.

.22 (3).jpg  .116 (2).jpg  3.1 (1).jpg 32 (2).jpg

Coin have a great appreciation of value ,and coin with a beautiful design, it become a perfect artwork when it finished .Coin also have a symbol meaning,even are honor.

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