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How is high quality metal medal customization made?
- Nov 23, 2018 -

Metal medals are loved by many people. In fact, every metal medal is made with heart and carved. The production of metal medals is the key because the effects of metal medals are directly influenced by the quality of the sales. So how exactly is the metal medal made? Renhui metal crafts custom to share with you!

The production of metal medals is mainly based on the extensive use of mechanical forming technology, which is closely related to its material characteristics. Metal medals are usually made of stainless steel with high melting point and difficult casting. Metallic medals have low hardness and have a certain hardness. The plastic processing performance, using the appropriate machining process parameters and processing equipment, can obtain high quality metal medals.

The metal medal making process uses a lathe to directly process stainless steel metal profiles into medals, which are the most common in ring and bracelet medals, accounting for a large proportion. They are stainless steel ring and alloy ring used for lathe turning. Due to the material characteristics of stainless steel and alloy, there are certain difficulties in turning. It is necessary to select and formulate corresponding processing parameters according to the characteristics of the material to ensure the processing precision and surface quality of the medal.

 Metal medal production not only emphasizes quality, but now people pay more attention to the connotation of medals and the meaning of such production. The medal is originally a special product with its special meaning. Therefore, the meaning of medal making must be positive and motivate people to work hard. Medals are a reward for successful people, an incentive.