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How to choose custom challenge coins
- Nov 23, 2018 -

Enterprises can personalize the LOGO, logo, etc. on the challenge coin, and make the company's own exclusive souvenirs. Whether it is sent to customers or as part of the end-of-year employee benefits, the company can reflect its unique personality. Brighten your eyes!

Whether it is to maintain the relationship between the family and the Chinese New Year, the challenge coin is more and more popular. So how do you customize the challenge coin? Renhui Culture Xiaobian tells you about the precautions when customizing the challenge coin.

1. If you have already negotiated the materials used, you must carefully check the final inspection, for example, determine the materials used.

2, the use of sandblasting process is different, and the final price is different. A good sandblasting process should give the challenge coin a uniform, fine, matt finish.

Custom challenge coin

3, the front back embossing level is clear, the text strokes are quite extension.

When a company customizes a challenge coin, it often has its own clear business purpose. Before the customization, it needs to determine the needs of the enterprise. At the same time, the enterprise challenge coin is also an advertisement, a kind of propaganda, which can establish a long-lasting and profound in the minds of customers. impression.