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How to design and custom a lapel pin or badge
- Dec 29, 2017 -

Lapel pins are frequently used as symbols of achievement and belonging in different organizations. Lapel pins from the organization are often collected by members and non-members alike.lapel pin have a important meaning of symbols.

Metal craft of lapel pin or badge is a very popular decoration, it not only beautiful,but also have a important meaning for a deisgn and custom lapel pin is a common behavior.the process of custom lapel pin as below :

Step 1: Stamping Molding

Step 2: Outline Cutting

Step 3: Attachment

Step 4: Plating

Step 5: Polishing

Step 6: Coloring

Step 7: Cleaning

Step 8: Baking

Step 9: Epoxy Coating

Usually,lapel pin make with original material zinc alloy ,on the front usually is design with some logo,represent some important meaning.and the back of lapel pin is design with a butterfly safty clutch or rubber safety helmet.The general thickness of badge is 1,5mm ,the size and shape according to customers' requirements.

Here attached some lapel pins for your reference

1 (18).jpg   1 (7).jpg  7.jpg  14.jpg