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How to identify the true and false badges
- Nov 23, 2018 -

How to identify the true and false of the badge making, good or bad,

In recent years, badge collections have become more and more fashionable, and they have gathered a collection boom around the world. Olympic badges, World Expo badges, World Cup badges, etc., have become synonymous with the favorite badges. With the interest in the collection of this badge, in the collection market, the badges of the products are also intensifying, especially the rare badges that are imitation of advanced techniques, such as some precious metal badges, which are even more difficult to distinguish. false. How should we identify the true and false of the badge?

To better understand the method of badge identification, you must first understand the badge. The counterfeit badges include imitations (that is, fake stamps made with genuine badges as a blueprint) and counterfeit products (referring to fake stamps that are created in the middle and out of the imagination), of which imitations are more common. To identify the authenticity of the badge, you can use the four methods of Chinese medicine to look at, smell, ask, and cut to diagnose it, so that the badge can have nowhere to follow. Badge identification method 1

The so-called look is to observe the badge, see the natural surface of the badge, the coating, the paint effect, the plating gloss, the background pattern, the text features and so on.

The authentic badge is enamel, bright and lacquered, with excellent adhesion and high temperature and corrosion resistance.

The product badge is painted with paint, naturally dry and solidified, the paint surface has a layer of traces, the color gloss is too bright and too bright, and the paint film is easy to get out of the shell. The depth, lightness and thickness of the plating surface of the badge are also an important basis for distinguishing the authenticity of the badge.

Badge identification method 2

The so-called smell is widely known, or obtain relevant knowledge from the book media, or consult with experts collectors, or compare with the same authentic badges.

Badge identification method 3

The so-called question refers to understanding the ins and outs of the badge, historical background, design modeling, aesthetic principles, process methods, production process. To properly identify the authenticity of the badge, you must first understand the badge well.

Each badge, especially the production and distribution of early badges, is based on certain historical events and has a story that belongs to it. In addition to a handful of hand-made badges, the process of the mechanism badge is roughly: the main production process of the badge: drawing - carving - pressing - coloring - grinding stone - polishing - welding accessories - plating - Quality inspection - finished product - packaging.

Although the variety of badges varies widely, the craftsmanship is similar. The more we know about the production of badges, the more natural the badges are. The knowledge about the badge can be used to visit the website of Donghong Crafts, such as the analysis of badge making process, the type of badge, the meaning of stamping badge and the process flow, to deepen the understanding of the badge.

Badge identification method 4

The so-called cut refers to the identification of the material and density of the badge. The most important process for badge making is stamping the blank. The greater the tonnage of the press, the higher the density of the badges produced, and the higher smoothness and smoothness of the front and back sides of the badge. As long as the discriminator is careful, supplemented by certain badge identification knowledge, it can be identified.