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How to preserve the commemorative coins how to prevent oxidation?
- Apr 16, 2018 -

Want to keep good commemorative coins do not oxidize, first of all must understand the cause of the commemorative coins.

  The two major causes of the occurrence of the commemorative coins:

  First, in the packaging before the easy oxidation of the environment has been exposed for too long, or in play when ignoring protection, such as the bare hands contact coins; Second, the packaging is not tight or its own packaging has defects resulting in the external environment of easy oxidation caused by chronic oxidation.

  Generally experienced collectors will buy moisture-proof boxes to save, to avoid oxidation.

  Understand the cause of the oxidation of commemorative coins, can be more targeted to save the commemorative coin so that it does not oxidize. First, we should pay attention to the storage environment can not be selected in the air block not circulation place.

  Many coin lovers like to put the commemorative coins in the collection book for a long time to save, but because the general collection and can not separate the commemorative coins from the outside air, so once the weather becomes damp, the surface of the commemorative coins will become difficult to evaporate the water vapor, so that the commemorative coins to occur oxidation.

  Second, the best is the use of paper protection cover to seal the commemorative coins, and then put in a sealed container inside the package, and then add some desiccant to ensure that the residual moisture can be sucked away.

  Third, pay attention to the commemorative coins can not frequently use fingers to touch, because perspiration or other oil stains adhesion in the currency will cause oxidation, so it is best to watch the commemorative coins when the clean white cloth gloves, or use the collection of small tweezers clip commemorative coins, but be careful not to let sharp front paragraph scratch the currency side. Four, in addition to damp-proof pollution accidents, also can not let some poisonous and harmful gas contact with commemorative coins, commemorative coins for a long time in the dirty environment will make the currency caused by corrosion, including the kitchen fume too much place also can not store. In addition to the already have the phenomenon of the commemorative coins, you can use a little toothpaste to gently wipe clean, in the elimination of oxidation in a timely manner into a proper storage environment.