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How to save and maintain the metal badge after it is customized?
- Nov 23, 2018 -

After the metal badge is made to order, it needs to be stored, but if it is exposed to the air for a long time, it will be easily oxidized. Therefore, in order to guarantee the life of its use, we need to carry out maintenance. The following small series explains how to save metal badges.

1. If the metal badge is dirty, wipe off the dirt on the surface. For stubborn and strong dirt, it is necessary to use a cleaning agent to clean it. If the surface of the badge is embroidered, use a rust preventive for cleaning the toilet to clean it with a toothbrush until the rust is not available. Under normal circumstances, metal badges have obvious rust conditions, we need a large area to use rinsing agent for rinsing, small areas can not be cleaned with toothpaste. But rust is not a lot of time to gently brush.

Metal badge

2. After removing dirt and rust, check the metal badge for damage. If damage is present, it should be properly remedied, where the bond coat cracks or peels off the paint, which will strengthen the paint. It can be bonded with 101 instant adhesives, which are fast-bonding, colorless and transparent, and are especially suitable for repair work.

3. After the protection of rust and damage, the surface of the metal badge should be sprayed with wax, because the badge can form a protective film on the surface after spraying the wax, and it can soften the paint, effectively prevent cracking and aging, and increase The brightness of the paint makes the badge more beautiful.

4, the badge should be re-packaged after repair, in general, the use of plastic bags, ziplock bags is the best. Then label the outside of the package (eg, indicate the phone number or name on the label).