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Metal commemorative coin characteristics
- Nov 23, 2018 -

  The appearance of the commemorative coin can be electroplated with gold, ancient gold, ancient silver, nickel and other plating effects. It has the characteristics of simple and fluent lines, and the pattern is concave and convex. It can be made of paint, enamel, printing and other exterior color processes to make the products more lucrative.

   The metal commemorative coin has a strong sense of plane and a sense of layering in various patterns. It is one of the most used commemorative coins in high-end user types.

Manufacturing process:

Process 1: Design a commemorative coin artwork. With the advancement of computer technology, computer drafts replaced previous manual drawings. Commonly used manufacturing software for commemorative coin artwork design are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. If you want to generate 3D badge renderings, you need software such as 3D Max. Regarding the color system, PANTONE SOLID COATED is usually used, and the PANTONE color system can better match colors and reduce the possibility of chromatic aberration.

Process 2: Manufacturing a commemorative coin mold. In the process of importing the computer designed manuscript into the engraving machine program, the tool path is programmed to stop the mold carving. In the process of engraving, pay attention to the thickness of the knife. After engraving, check whether the mold can be missing. Finally, the mold should be stopped for heat treatment to enhance the hardness and durability of the mold.

Process 3: Suppression. The mold unit that is often heat-treated is pressed onto the table, and the commemorative coins such as copper sheets or iron sheets that are pressed by the pattern are manufactured.

Process 4: Punching. Apply the die cutter that was prepared beforehand, and punch the product with the punch according to its shape.

Process 5: Polishing. Put the product that has been punched down into the polishing machine to remove the punched burrs and improve the brightness of the product.

Process 6: Accessories for welding commemorative coins. Solder the solder on the reverse side of the product to the commemorative coin specification or the customer's requested accessory.

Process 7: Plating and coloring the commemorative coins. According to the customer's request, the commemorative coins can be electroplated, can be gold-plated, silver-plated, nickel-plated, red-plated copper, etc., and then the commemorative coins are colored according to the customer's request, finished, and baked at high temperature to enhance the color of the prison. degree. After this step, a commemorative coin that fits the guest's request is made.

Process 8: The manufactured commemorative coins are packaged according to the requirements of the customer. The packaging is generally divided into ordinary packaging and high-grade packaging such as brocade, etc., we generally operate according to the customer's request.