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Renhui Metal's challenge coin custom new process.
- Nov 23, 2018 -

In order to make the casting of commemorative coins better and more perfect to reflect its design theme, Renhui Metal's engineers also developed many new processes during the development process. such as:

1. Added special-shaped coins on the basis of round coins, mainly including: rectangular, polygonal, fan-shaped, plum-shaped.

2. On the basis of the original color coin, the color coin series was developed. On the one side of the gold and silver coin, a special pattern was used to print the color pattern, which increased the new artistic effect of the gold and silver coin. The color was wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and it could remain bright for a long time.

3. In casting, sandblasting, high relief and other processes are also widely used. Spray the pattern part into a very fine matte surface. When producing gold and silver coins, the pattern part will appear a beautiful silver layer; or make the pattern height higher than the coin surface, increasing its three-dimensional and layered feeling.

4. On the basis of single metal coins, developed double metal coins and partially gold-plated silver coins. One coin uses two different colors of metal, which are die-cast in inner and outer rings, such as gold core silver outer ring; silver coin partial gold plating refers to the local part of silver coins. Inlaid with a metal pattern.