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The difference between gold and silver commemorative COINS and gold and silver MEDALS
- Oct 05, 2017 -

In China, the people often confuse commemorative COINS and MEDALS. Although the commemorative COINS and commemorative MEDALS are similar in appearance, they are in fact fundamentally different, especially the distinction between precious and precious metals such as gold and silver MEDALS and commemorative MEDALS. Gold and silver COINS and MEDALS are the main and the most obvious difference is that, on the gold and silver COINS must be cast with face value, "the People's Republic of China" name and title, and the gold and silver commemorative chapter no denomination. No amount on the one hand, it is not legal tender of the country, on the other hand, shows its authority is far lower than COINS, because gold and silver COINS can only be released by on behalf of the state authority of the people's bank of China, China gold coin corporation always sells on commission. Therefore, every coin inscribed with the name of the People's Republic of China is inscribed, and the inscription does not permit the carving of the national name. In addition, any commemorative COINS minted by the national mint have been engraved with the issuing date, while some of the commemorative COINS are marked with the number of years, and some of them are not. Followed by casting issue number, due to the gold and silver COINS are the legal tender of the country, and its formulation, examination and approval, design, material, process, casting, anti-counterfeiting, packaging, and marketing, each link all have very strict examination and approval procedures and regulations, so its casting circulation is normally less, its quantity is unified planned in the beginning, and subject to strict control, are not allowed to increase or decrease easily, so the gold and silver COINS has a good collection value and appreciation of space. The casting quantity of gold and silver commemorative medallion is mainly depended on its sales channels and market sales, which is completely marketized.

The third is the legal tender of gold and silver COINS as a country, usually must be authorized by the people's bank of China, by the national coin casting company, each pieces of gold and silver COINS are usually accompanied by the certificate of the people's bank of China signed, has a high credibility, so often become the object of coin collectors focus. Gold &silver commemorative medallion is made by casting can not pass the authorization of the central bank, folk any organization can cast on sale, even comes with a certificate, its authority also is cannot be compared with gold and silver COINS certificate.