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Types and characteristics of belt buckles
- Jan 02, 2018 -

Zhongshan Renhui Metal Ltd. is a metal craft company,buckle is also one of our main products. There are three types of belt buckles.

  1. Pin buckle

    A-19.jpg                      A-20.jpg

Pin buckle is with a simple desgn,this buckle is very light and with a very cheap price.this buckle is very popular o the world, it is suitable all people and this buckle has a long history.

2.Pin buckle with attachment

1 (46).jpg                        1 (82).jpg

This buckle is designed to be complicated,could engraved logo on it .this buckle is also suitable for all peopel,the weight of this buckle is more heavy than pinbuckle.but this buckle is more beautiful than pin buckle,it is more easy to change the length of the leather.

3.Belt buckle 

A-57.jpg                        A-38.jpg

The dsign of this buckle is the most complicated ,the price is most expensive too, this buckle is most heavy,buckle is main design with some logo, the shapes are diverse .the buckle is unique and beautiful, have important meaning ,it has become a works of art.

The three buckles are different,but they have their own advantage .when you need buckle,you could custom them according to your requirements and specific situation.