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Using different material to custom coin
- Jan 03, 2018 -

Metal crafts is become a work of art,especially challenge coin,As we all know , there are many kinds of original metal, for example zinc alloy, iron, brass , stainless steel etc.

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Each material has its own characteristics and performance,so the effect and cost is different when coin finished .

  1. Zinc alloy : this material is the best suitabla to make challenge coin.the cost of zinc alloy is moderate, the cost of open new mold is cheap,but the effect is the best.

  2. Iron: iron is a cheap original material,open the new is easy and the cost is low,burt the effect is worse than zinc alloy.

  3. Brass : the effect is the best when coin finished with brass, but  the price of brass is expensive.

  4. Stainless steel :the price of stainles steel is cheapest, the weight is most light, however ,make coin of stainless steel will have a high mold fee , because it is open the new mold difficult.

What kinds of material do you want to make a coin ?