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What are some of the common medal materials?
- Apr 15, 2018 -

Medal materials are divided into crystal medals, metal medals, sand gold sand silver medals, silver foil medals, acrylic medals, wooden medals, each have their own advantages, to see what kind of demand the company.

Crystal Material medals on the different, in the shape can be a big fuss, can make a special shape, refined and yet elegant, when the enterprise customization is also very easy to achieve when the degree of processing and production,

Metal medals in the shape of the design of the production process is difficult, a small number of production prices high price,

Foil silver foil is cheaper, and shipments fast, if it is urgent to consider, but the style is not new,

Sand Gold sand Silver work fine, the price is slightly more expensive, but the duration is a bit longer,

Acrylic is a more novel style.

There are also wooden medals are now more popular with enterprises, due to the unique characteristics of wood materials, a literary smell of a complete contrast.

Medal production process has die-casting, carving, sandblasting and other process production, the price of precious metals Ann can be calculated, the general material according to the number and process calculation. Medal production professional manufacturers on the selection of Renhui metal crafts, the above medal materials can be customized.