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What are the crafts of medal making and badge making?
- Apr 15, 2018 -


Process index: ★★★★★

Raw Material: copper (copper)

Color Material: Enamel powder

Enamel (Cloisonne) written record was first in the Yuan Dynasty, in the Ming Dynasty, the most exquisite, to the Qing dynasty was already flourishing.

Enamel production costs hours, high cost, is the highest end of the color process, suitable for the production of State organs, military police badges and long-term preservation of the indelible badge, medals and medals and so on.

Imitation enamel

Process index: ★★★★

Raw materials: copper, iron

Color Material: Resin class The texture and color of the imitation enamel can be similar to true enamel, but the price concessions and short delivery, soft enamel and resin by foreign experts developed by the color material, the surface can be gold-plated, nickel and other metal colors, smooth and delicate, give a very noble feeling, suitable for high-end badge customization, high-grade commemorative production,

Commemorative medals and other exquisite products.

Copper paint

Process index: ★★★★

Raw Material: Copper

Color Material: Baking paint

The process of making copper paint is similar to that of enamel and soft enamel, only color material is the use of paint, the product surface has a clear sense of concave-convex, metal texture strong, clear lines, bright colors, suitable to do in high-grade badges, medals, commemorative coins, key chain, corporate and Community commemorative badge collection.

Iron Paint

Process index: ★★★

Raw Materials: Iron

Color Material: Baking paint

The iron paint is slightly weaker than the price of the copper paint, sunken metal line is relatively shallow, the color is significantly lower than the metal line, there are add Polly (epoxy) and not the choice of Polly, suitable for low-end, high-volume, quality requirements of the badge, medals, souvenirs, key rings.

Metal does not color

Process index: ★★

Raw materials: Copper, bronze, iron, aluminum Metal is not color is a process, the main performance of a strong sense of three-dimensional, a variety of layers of pattern, a variety of plating color obvious, sunken place to add sand blasting or sand + spray paint and other processes, will make the product of the concave-convex and bright fog more obvious.

Suitable for high-end large quantities of badges, medals, commemorative coins, key rings, such as the use of more products.

Bite version

Process index: ★★★

Raw materials: Copper, stainless steel, aluminum

Color Material: Baking paint The bite version is the use of chemical potions on the raw material corrosion of sunken graphics, color and copper paint as well as the same quality, the product is very thin metal edge is relatively wide.

Can do bite through or double-sided bite version of the design, but need a certain thickness can be suitable for the production of numbers, work number, name, nameplate, need to bend the badge, tag, large size and pattern lines complex products.

Screen printing

Process index: ★★★

Raw materials: Copper, stainless steel, aluminum

Color Material: Printing ink Screen printing is a film produced by printing, there is no concave-convex metal line, there is no metal line between the colors, color effect does not gradually layer color, the majority of products to be added Polly (epoxy), mainly in order to protect the printing ink does not scratch, so that the product more bright.

Suitable for printing badges, large promotional souvenirs, gifts.

Flat Print

Process index: ★★★

Raw materials: Copper, stainless steel, aluminum

Color Material: Printing ink

Pingyin is printed in 4 editions, has the gradient color, the procedure is simple, the price is low, the time limit is shorter, generally is in the pattern is more complex or wants the real performance pattern texture The best practice, the design stereoscopic impression can highlight the stereoscopic effect, suitable for the printing photograph, the color complex badge and the large-scale promotion souvenir, the gift.

Zinc Alloy

Process index: ★★★★★

Raw materials: Copper, stainless steel, aluminum

Color Material: Baking paint Zinc alloy is a casting process made, the texture is relatively hard to be highly polished, the surface is more smooth and shiny, strong texture. Copper cutting process is cheaper than the three-dimensional effect is more prominent.

Suitable for design and meticulous, 3D effect protruding, inner hole has hollow badge, key ring and other products.

PB-SN alloy

Process index: ★★★

Raw materials: PB-SN alloy

Color material: paint, imitation enamel can be PB-SN alloy is the use of centrifugal force principle of die-forming, small size, many holes in the hole, 3D solid strong products to do the lead-tin alloy will be particularly good-looking. When making soft enamel can be hand-painted, into the color and so on, the product color bright. Do the baking paint into color and color when the product is clear and smooth, line feeling strong. A badge, brooch, key, necklace, etc. for a fake diamond.