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What are the crafts of medal making and badge making?
- Apr 15, 2018 -

                                                 Highlight the corporate brand


 Company brand ——— Corporate commemorative coin is a company for the commemoration of the well-known brands of companies to create a special  Commemorative meaning, a collection of high-end souvenirs.


Anniversary Celebration ——— The anniversary celebration of the company's founding. At this very grand ceremony, an enterprise commemorative coin is very important.


 Promotional Gifts ———VIP visitors, industry exchanges, visits, visits, studies, learning, cooperation, worship Hope and so on with a gift with a corporate mark of a profound meaning.


                                   Carry forward the spirit of enterprise


  Brand promotion ——— in corporate commemorative coins to create the company's core products, brand awareness, logo trademarks or other important tags.


 Slogan ——— use a small company commemorative coin Chapter, always keep in mind the service tenet of guest supreme and Pioneering spirit.


Team cohesion ——— enhance the coordination between various departments of enterprises, cooperation mechanism, commemorative coin chapter can effectively promote Into the team to forge ahead of the market capacity of the game.

                                       Reflect the corporate culture


Entrepreneurial process ——— the Enterprise commemorative coin Chapter as a set of enterprise entrepreneurship, company history, market development and The bond of customer service.


Create Value ——— Company's scientific research, product release, stock listing or office building, commissioning and new Major events such as project completion can be recorded on commemorative coins.


 Innovation mechanism ——— the process of technological innovation and the development and growth of enterprises in the market, commemorative coins can be To help enterprises to extend the culture of enterprise.

                                  Caring and compassionate staff


 Annual conference Recognition ——— Annual summary meeting, all kinds of events, using the company commemorative coins as a table Zhang outstanding staff, work over five years 10 years old staff.


Thank customers ——— and key customers, distributors, strategic partners of the signing ceremony, the shower party The gift of gold and silver gifts is a very good souvenir.


 Reward Advanced ——— employee welfare, advance worker, 20 years old worker, 51 model workers, A model, to make a significant contribution to the Enterprise award more needs medals.