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What are the characteristics of a custom-made metal keychain?
- Apr 16, 2018 -

Metal Keychain is the most common key chain, with beautiful, durable, three-dimensional sense of strong, bright color, compact characteristics.

can be used as luggage accessories, personal jewelry, diverse styles, can be produced according to the requirements of different specifications, colors, thickness, grade, packaging products.

According to the material can be divided into: alloy key chain, iron key chain, copper key chain, stainless steel key chain.

According to the shape of the key ring can be divided into: heart-shaped key ring, five-star key ring, Aperture, flat ring, corner ring, pressure wreath, special-shaped key ring and so on.

Metal Keychain Use:

1. Personal necessities: The most basic function of key chain is to hang the key, hanging ornaments. 2. Corporate propaganda: The rapid development of today's society, all products are no longer a single product, they carry more information, for example, most enterprises will be custom-made metal key chain promotional products and company information.

Very practical, wide spread, easy to save, low price.

3.4s Gift Metal Keychain Gifts: Now a lot of car 4s shop will be customized car key keychain gift to new and old customers, high-end atmospheric grade, and very practical.

What are the advantages of metal key chain?

1 Material: strong texture,

2. Easy carving: Easy to accept a variety of flower type, font carving, natural,

3. Easy to Save: The material is more hard, not easy to fade, wear 4. Beautiful: Gloss is bright, plasticity is strong, easy to design various shapes