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What are the features of the metal medal customized injection molding process?
- Oct 05, 2017 -

1, paint process: product background or concave word note paint, you can deploy a variety of colors, paint, the use of syringes for injection medal paint paint points, so that products appear more unique, color prominent.

2, injection molding plate bronzing processing: according to the actual requirements of the aluminum foil color transfer to form a metal surface to the special effects of the medal bronzing paper material, black, white, gold, silver, red, blue, green, colorful, colorful laser foil, foil, foil, matte paper color.

3, print production: the use of injection molding plate, through the printer to directly print operation on the medals, the overall processing cost is high, suitable for small single metal products processing, generally do not accept the medal custom batch process.

4, printing process: through silk screen, offset printing, heat transfer, pad printing, the design of various patterns, text, numbers and other printed in the injection of metal medal custom, so that the surface color to achieve a more elegant appearance.

5, spraying paint prepared with the use of modern equipment, workshop environment by spraying the injection molding of medals, medals color effect becomes more and more rich and colorful, painted after can be dried at room temperature, but also under the condition of 60 DEG C baking 30min.

6, the carving process: medals after forming by CNC laser engraving machine engraving process and on the surface of the product or lettering engraved map, the general process for product processing requirements of the serial number.

7, electroplating process: injection medals is generally decorative copper, nickel, chrome, gun color, imitation gold, gold, titanium plating or sand sand matte nickel plating.