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What is the difference between ordinary commemorative coins and precious metal coins?
- Apr 16, 2018 -

Commemorative coins are divided into ordinary commemorative coins and precious metal commemorative coins.

The difference between ordinary commemorative coins and precious metal commemorative coins lies in three aspects: First, the material is different.

Ordinary commemorative coins, including ordinary metal commemorative coins and commemorative notes, the material is the metal casting ordinary coins and paper used for printing banknotes; Precious metal commemorative coins include gold coins, silver coins and platinum, palladium and other precious metals or their alloy casting commemorative coins, the material is gold, silver and other precious metals. Second, denominations represent different meanings.

The denomination of ordinary commemorative coins indicates its legal value; the nominal value of the precious metal commemorative coins is symbolic and does not show its true worth. The third is the difference of circulation. After the issuance of ordinary commemorative coins, and other circulating renminbi equivalent circulation, its denomination into the market cash flow, become a part of the money supply; precious metal commemorative coins cannot be circulated and their denominations are not credited to the market for cash circulation. The price is based on the cost of gold and silver raw materials, processing costs, operating costs, project themes, circulation, technology, market conditions, historical prices and international price standards.