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What is the specific method of the final process of metal badges?
- Nov 23, 2018 -

When the metal badge is made to order, it is often added to the surface of the badge to protect the pattern in the final process. This resin is also known as Boli. The face of the badge after the Polly will be slightly raised, and it looks very smooth and bright, which makes the badge more colorful.

First, let's briefly analyze the material of "Boli". Polly is also known as epoxy resin epoxy, which consists of high-purity epoxy resin, curing agent and other modifications. The cured product has the characteristics of water resistance, chemical resistance and crystal clearness. In addition to the good protection of the surface of the craft product, the crystal epoxy can also increase the surface gloss and brightness, and further increase the surface decoration effect. Applicable to the surface decoration and protection of crafts made of metal, ceramic, glass, plexiglass and other materials. The surface of the product after using the crystal glue will be slightly convex, and the side view has a stereoscopic 3D effect.

This badge is also commonly known as the Epoxy badge or the drop badge. The most used in the drop molding process is the printed badge. Secondly, some paint badges and enamel badges are also used. Some are used locally to enrich the overall effect of the badge.

The metal badge is customized to use this technology, on the one hand, it can protect the surface pattern; on the other hand, it looks more lustrous, and the surface has a slight bulging sensation, which increases the three-dimensional effect of the badge.

In the badge making industry, the most used glue is the printing badge. Therefore, in the industry, the printed badge is often called the Ejiao badge or the drop badge. In addition, the paint badge and the badge or the badge are also used. It will be used, but after the paint badge and the enamel badge or the imitation badge and the Polly, the gloss and transparency will be reduced, the original bump effect will be reduced, and the metal texture will be reduced. Therefore, it depends on your preferences and requirements. . Of course, it is also possible to use the dispensing process, which not only absorbs the advantages of the glue, but also the original texture of the original badge.