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What kind of souvenir gifts will you make
- Oct 05, 2017 -

Students will make to order what kind of souvenirs believe that held the organizers of the reunion is very frustrating, thinking for a long time, students often do not agree with, but in changsha city hui lei crafts co., LTD launched a small number of design and production of pure silver commemorative medallion is made according to class requirements, gold-plated silver MEDALS, silver chapter furnishing articles like crystal, silver chapter is popular with the students like wooden furnishing articles, and very agree with, very few objections, boys and girls all right, don't like can buy commodity market, use the bad throw, no see you value.

Chapter homecoming souvenirs silver side engraved with crest, school, the school crest of hunan institute of chemical technology, the school motto, the other side engraved with hunan school 1882 class graduation 26 anniversary, 1990-2016, Thanksgiving. Fellowship.. Outlook, Ag999 50 g, zodiac year, or is the 20th anniversary of the logo, text and design such as mementoes of the pros and cons of design can be design according to customer's request, mould making, such a sterling silver souvenir of this year's commemoration, can have the value, we always will collections.

Homecoming souvenirs silver commemorative medallion is made of size can be according to the customer's budget do big and small, silver according to the national exchange price plus the workmanship, mold, packing and so on, silver chapter of the process is important, hui lei made of silver chapter process surface without burr, the whole mirror lights, mementoes of stereo effect is very good, concave and convex have send, hui lei for all customers with the highest coinage technique to provide product technical support.