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What principles do metal MEDALS need to follow when customizing?
- Oct 05, 2017 -

1. The nature of government organs or units

Custom metal MEDALS, first determine what sector: government agencies, institutions, foreign companies, certification center, news agencies, public institutions, education departments, trade associations, media, military organizations and so on. For example, if you are a government organ, you represent the image of a higher government, and you will be reflected in authority and solemnity. Concrete actual production, must grasp this big direction.

2. Determine the winner

The winner is a person, unit, group or other institution. Such as "advanced collective, party organizations at the grass-roots level, advanced collectives and advanced individuals, annual outstanding employees, outstanding party members, union activists, excellent league member, production model, and advanced pacesetter, youth civilization, the member unit", etc., because different will directly affect the medal of the objects of winning a lot of links, such as hanging put the position, size, and the form, the total medal awarded to individuals is not too large, it has no place to put the problem such as should be taken into account.

3. The purpose of making MEDALS

It is the annual year-end staff or unit collective incentive mechanism, or routine business; It is for the product quality and the brand market promotion, or for the surface of the company to paste the gold, see other people's store has the medal we also want to have; It's about recognizing a subordinate unit or individual, or in order to be safe and so on.

4. Determine the name of the award for the medal

After determining the purpose of the production and the winner, how to name the MEDALS. According to the reality of the situation, it is necessary to make a distinction between the industry and the professional characteristics of the recipients, and to distinguish between the group and the individual. First prize, second prize, third prize, excellence award, etc.

5. Determine the specifications of the MEDALS

In terms of custom metal MEDALS specification size, many customers are often asked to produce medal of the specifications of the commonly used size and standard size, in fact, we often say commonly used or according to your design with practical case succinctly summarized out of specification. "There is no road here, there are more people walking, and there is a way." Actually, the true gold content of medal is not size. However, if you are not in the category of the award, you should make it in different sizes, for example, you will be distributed to the collective unit, which is larger than the size of the individual.