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Why do you want to use copper for custom materials for metal medals?
- Nov 23, 2018 -

Metallic medals for custom metal alloys are not the same as industrial key alloys, and have their own unique requirements:

(1) The alloy should meet various process requirements, including:

1 better casting forming properties. When producing jewelry by investment casting, the copper alloy should have good fluidity and as little coagulation shrinkage as possible.

2 welding performance. Cracks, oxidation, suction and chromatic aberration should not occur easily during welding.

3 cutting performance. The hardness should be moderate. When the hardness is too high, the tool loss is large, and if it is too low, it is difficult to achieve a high degree of surface brightness.

(2) The alloy must meet the requirements of the use of the jewelry, such as a certain mechanical properties. Meet the setting requirements and have good corrosion resistance. No stress corrosion cracking tendency, a certain color, etc.

Metal medals are custom-made materials. Copper is used because copper has the outstanding advantages of electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. In terms of mechanics and process properties, pure copper has the characteristics of low hardness and excellent plasticity, and can withstand various forms of cold and hot pressure. Processing, can be crushed into a very thin plate, drawn into a very thin steel wire, pressure processed into wire, pipe, bar and sheet. Pure copper has low tensile strength and is not suitable as a structural material. It has poor casting properties and easily absorbs gases such as carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide during melting.