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Germany WKC Sport Medals
- Dec 28, 2017 -

                                                        Germany WKC Sport Medals

         WKC sport medal is new design for world kart championship 2017 ,and the 2017 WKC sport game is hold at Germany. This is a grand game for kendo athletes .

          WKC sport medal is make of zinc alloy. and it is finished with plating antique red brass.this medal is make at Zhongshan Renhui Metal Ltd. this comapny is a manufacture of all kinds of metal craft, include medal ,coin, bottle opener,lapel pin,belt buckle,gift box etc.

         Usually, we will use zinc alloy to make all kids of metal crafts.zinc alloy is convenient and easy to open the new mold. WKC sport medal is with a white ribbon.on the ribbon, printing some red text logo.medal is with a 2D design, complete with a high quality.

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