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Gold And Silver Commemorative COINS Determine Value
- Oct 05, 2017 -

The sale of gold and silver commemorative COINS is very important. The price of good products is the highest, and the biggest guarantee for investors' profits. Why appearance is so important, because the commemorative COINS sold in our country was refined, do manual work is delicate, surface treatment of exquisite, exquisite workmanship, such as the COINS visit fortune-teller and appreciation are good, but the method needs to speak, save the bad appearance of COINS is damaged. The following is usually the result of the damage to the commemorative coin.

1, the erythema of gold COINS, silver white mist is often because of commemorative COINS seal acrylic box appear problem, may not tight, or break, acrylic box, long commemorative COINS are easy to spot, so remember to watch don't open the acrylic box commemorative COINS.

2. The commemorative COINS are kept in a dry, dark environment and are the best to avoid direct sunlight. If the COINS are in the sun for a long time, the COINS can be easily oxidized.

3 best to wear gloves, take hold commemorative COINS, because we have sweat hand, pinch COINS directly mirror will print directly printed on the COINS, need how long commemorative COINS will turn black oxide.

4. It is strictly forbidden to scrape the COINS with hard objects, so that the COINS will have many scratches and cannot be processed. The damage to the commemorative COINS is caused by the human being, and the damage and scratches will greatly affect the price.