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Gold Coin Cleaning Method
- Oct 05, 2017 -

COINS will inevitably be in the process of collecting oxidative blackening, corrosion spots and dirt and fingerprints, but gold and silver COINS completely restore the luster of the factory and the method of mirror brightness and quality does not exist, to tiny spots and normal oxidation hui lei cleaning is not recommended, because cleaning itself often to currency bring damage, ultimately undermine its appearance, the surface of the destruction of currency. The cleaning we have here is only for the souvenir COINS that are relatively poor, so as to get the medium phase.

Pure gold coin cleaning method

Gold COINS are actually not needed to be cleaned. In case of dirty, just put the gold coin in warm soapy water to clean, then rinse with water, then blow hot blow dry with electricity, then put in the acrylic box.

The cleaning method of silver COINS

If high silver content in silver silver COINS placed in the ground, or subjected to other adverse factors, on the table surface is generated thick a layer of oxide, then it should be a coin in ammonia solution soak for 1 hour (ingredients: water and concentrated ammonia 10% 90%). If there is no ammonia solution, it can also be used to prepare sodium carbonate (30 grams of pure alkali dissolved in 100 grams of water) instead. Place the COINS in the solution for several hours until the oxide is completely dissolved.

If silver COINS of silver COINS are only slightly oxidized, professional washing of silver water. Silver COINS should not be used for more than ten seconds. If the time is too long, the surface oxidation will continue to erode the silver. In addition to just use silver wash water treatment of silver COINS, need to rinse immediately with water several times, prevent corrosion residual silver wash water to continue to the surface of the silver, and then the wind blow dry heat, electricity and then on acrylic inside the box.

Pay attention to

In any case, it is not allowed to have any friction with gold and silver COINS, whether they are washed, when they are sucked dry, or in the process of blow-drying. Even soft cloth leaves small scratches on the polished currency.