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How Many Kinds Of MEDALS Are Made?
- Oct 05, 2017 -

Material divided into crystal trophy MEDALS, metal MEDALS, alluvial gold, sand silver medal, gold silver MEDALS, acrylic, wooden MEDALS MEDALS, etc., each have their own advantages, as the company is what kind of demand.

MEDALS in the crystal material is qualitative different, can on modelling, can make special modelling, refined and do not break elegance, in the enterprise custom is also very easy to implement when the degree of processing and production,

The design and production of metal medal is very difficult, and the price of a small amount of production is high.

Gold leaf silver foil is cheaper, and the shipment is fast, if it is urgent to consider, but the style is not new,

It's a little bit more fine and a little bit more expensive, but it's a little bit longer,

Acrylic is a relatively new style.

And wooden medal is also popular now, because of the unique material properties of wood, a kind of literature smell complete foil.

The process of medal making is die-casting, engraving, sand blasting, etc. The price of precious metal is calculated and the ordinary material is calculated according to quantity and process.

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