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How To Distinguish Common Commemorative COINS And Metal Commemorative COINS?
- Oct 05, 2017 -

Although metal commemorative COINS and common currency COINS belong to the category of RMB collection, there is a difference between them. How to distinguish between ordinary commemorative COINS and metal commemorative COINS? Here's a simple way to tell them apart.

1. The circulation of ordinary commemorative COINS is relatively large. Metal commemorative COINS are usually issued in limited quantities.

2. Ordinary commemorative COINS have liquidity and metal commemorative COINS do not participate in currency circulation.

3. Ordinary commemorative COINS will not be issued with authentication certificates, and metal commemorative COINS are usually accompanied by authentication certificates.

4. Current common currency, one corner and one yuan are nickel clad steel materials, and the pentagon is copper clad material.

Metal commemorative COINS have COINS, COINS, platinum COINS, and palladium COINS. The main issues are gold and silver.

6, the production of ordinary commemorative COINS and precious metal commemorative COINS material is qualitative different, common COINS by common metal materials, such as brass alloy casting, and precious metal commemorative COINS is usually composed of gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals casting.

The value of the two denominations is different. The denomination of the ordinary circulation commemorative coin shows its legal value; The denomination of the precious metal coin is a symbolic currency symbol, which does not indicate its true value.