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How To Identify The Quality Of Metal Badges?
- Oct 05, 2017 -

Badge production process is more, a delicate badge to ensure that each link is not a problem, must be in strict accordance with the technical requirements and specifications of every work to make, such ability make elegant chic badge to you. Some common insignia process: baking paint, imitation enamel, stamping, screen printing, plate printing, bite plate, offset printing, 3D stereo, etc.

We all know that the most commonly used materials for the metal badge are metal materials, so what is the best way to judge that it is a high quality badge?

Printing badges, bite badges, glue insignia and paintwork badges are all relatively simple and can only be regarded as popular badges. In particular, badges made of iron or alloy are more suitable for customers with special price requirements.

The process of custom-made badges is one of the important elements of high quality badges. Generally speaking, but all high quality goods, its manufacturing process is also relatively complicated. Enamel craft is one of the most complex techniques in insignia, so enamel badges are real high quality badges.

Gold and silver are not commonly used materials for metal badges. The preferred materials for high quality badges are copper, especially copper and copper, and copper and copper are soft materials, which can easily form the design patterns of various badges. Other copper materials also have good erosion resistance, wear resistance, forging and excellent mechanical functions, so make it a preferred material for high quality badges.

Insignia design, badge accessories are also one of the elements of high quality badge customization. A true high quality badge, its design must be the most reasonable. In the accessory aspect, will adopt the accessory that compares high quality, such as safety pin, round head high card, the badge package also will use high quality wooden box, flocking box and so on.