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How To Maintain Metal Medal
- Oct 05, 2017 -

I believe we all know, Metal Medals often represent the honor obtained, and has a high commemorative price and collection significance, for the winners are of special significance. So, how should Metal Medals be maintained?

Metal medal maintenance has a lot of attention, common and practical methods are as follows:

1, metal medals on the dust with a clean cloth and wipe to go soft, and those who need to be especially careful in the corner of the details, to use soft hair brush or by vacuum or blow away the dust; then the best sealing bag sealed bag.

2. The space for Metal Medals must be kept dry with no dust or air contaminants. The temperature is 18 -24, and the relative humidity is 40%-50%;

3, to prevent metal medals by mechanical damage each other should not collide with each other, do not stack code;

After 4, the metal medals placed too long, according to the display environment more or less there will be some dull phenomenon, this time can use cotton muslin silk gently wipe back and forth, can achieve the polishing effect, so that the wax layer surface to shine again.

5, to prevent Metal Medals contact harmful chemical substances, such as acids, oils, chloride and so on.