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New Bottle Opener For Festive Day -New Year
- Dec 30, 2017 -

Happy New Year for everyone in advance !  Zhongshan Renhui Metal Ltd.  introduced a new bottle opener for everyone in this festive day . Let new bottle opener cheer you up ! Bottle opener is a metal craft .

1(2).jpg                        1 (5).jpg

1 (6).jpg                          2 (6).jpg

In order to welcome 2018, our company design some new bottle opener for festive day.Bottle openers are make with zinc alloy, we control and check all process , so the bottle opener finished with a high quality ,Bottle opener is witha unique design  , it is beautiful and popular in market.

Bottle opener could also to open a hole,then it become a bottle opener key ring,you could hang it your keychain ,the bottle opener key ring is convenient to you .The same time ,bottle opener key ring is a popular decorations.