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New Shape Design Of Western Belt Buckle For Man
- Jan 02, 2018 -

Zhongshan Renhui Meatl Ltd. is a company that is full of creativity and energy,new products are introduced every time.Because we have a good design and production team.

A-57.jpg  2345_image_file_copy_2.jpg A-38.jpg

The three pictures is our new design belt buckle, belt buckles are plating gold,they are very durable and could save a long time,buckles are make with zinc alloy, so the weight is very light with a big size.

Buckles are design with a 2D/3D logo, the effect are very perfect.our buckles are very popular on the all markets.

We will desgn a perfect buckle for you if you show us your logo.if you want a unique and personalized buckle,please contact us as soon as possible.