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Taiwan Double-sided Coin Guests Visit Our Company
- Jan 03, 2018 -

Zhongshan Renhui Meatl Ltd. is a professional manufacture of challenge coin.Our company has 20 years' experience in challenge coin .we are a big company of coin at Zhongshan city of Guangdong province,China.

The second day of 2018,our a new big customer come to visit our company,the client is from Taiwan province of China.our client Mr. Huang is engaged in military challenge coin management,he want to change a challenge coin supplier.

01.2.jpg                                  10.1 (3).jpg

After visited our company and our products ,Mr. Huang said we are a strong supplier of challenge coin,especial on military challenge coin .He will choose us as his new challenge coin supplier.

Our main market is in the United States,we have several customers who mainly engaged in military challenges coins,and their design isvery complex.but we could offer high quality coin for our customers.