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The Custom Of Commemorative Medallion Is Becoming More And More Popular
- Oct 05, 2017 -

Mementoes custom is no longer a symbol of luxury, with the development of the society before custom MEDALS customized mementoes evolved into the enterprise mainly national celebration meeting is given priority to, now the transition to private parties (homecoming, comrades will) and wedding ceremony custom MEDALS, commemorative medallion is made more and more popular.

MEDALS custom material also more and more, the original with bronze MEDALS and silver MEDALS, gold MEDALS is given priority to, now development to white gold MEDALS, inset jades mementoes, hetian jade carving MEDALS, with the development of science and technology is unique in a moment engraving and graven images, and embedded technology MEDALS

Is unique in the role of the custom is to wide, before custom MEDALS mainly games (games, the track and field games, etc.) the main propaganda and collection is given priority to, unit celebrations and manufacture mainly in the form of the welfare of the employees, custom MEDALS now have reunion photos tourism souvenir and wedding in return

Mementoes of custom is not very expensive, on the part of custom fees are set (on the open mold fee, usually open mold fee 4 cm to 9 cm in diameter, cost 500 yuan - 1800 yuan, mementoes mould is refers to the "customers want to want engraved on both sides of the MEDALS carved characters and patterns as long as not illegal can be engraved on the mold above), another part of the cost of raw materials (gold, platinum, silver denominated by weight), a special process other valuation (color silver, personalized name), as well as mementoes of the outer packing (divided into provide various grades), integrated the commemorative medallion is made of a price can be a few dollars to tens of thousands of yuan