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The Knowledge Of Badge
- Jan 19, 2018 -

Badge includes identity badge, art badge and practical badge three categories. One of the most common form of identity badge.
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It is worn on the body to indicate identity, occupation logo, widely used in schools, military, factories, government departments, service enterprises. Modern badges originated in Europe, some 100 years ago in Europe some handicraft workshops slowly became badge manufacturers. Badges are medals that are the earliest forms of history with a long history dating back to the totem marks of primitive clan tribes. A type of emblem, such as a cap badge or a badge, used in the European military became the most common form of the early period of the emblem. In the era of Napoleonic, the army was widely used. In our country, the badge appeared earlier in the Northern Navy, the field of modern applications are more, and most of the gold and silver medals, metal color medal mostly

People more want to use PVC material to make patches,on the back is with is convenients and light to take on body,and the price is also cheap.