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The Process Of Making Metal Badges
- Oct 05, 2017 -

I. design emblem drawings

The commonly used manufacturing software for the design of insignia is Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw, if you want to generate the 3D badge result graph, and the demand 3D Max and other software support.

Ii. Manufacturing pin mould

Computer design good manuscripts lost color, to make a revealed by spat color performance of concave and convex metal quarrel, in accordance with the ratio must be printed on the vegetable parchment, made of photosensitive ink exposure to carve a template, then the appearance of the press with carve machine carved template for engraving. The die is finished and the model needs to be treated with heat to enhance the hardness of the mold.

Three, pressing

To press the molds that are often hot disposed on the platform, to make the design of the pieces of copper or iron plates with different insignia.

4. Shock and polishing

Make the knife die beforehand, press the item according to its appearance, use the punch to bring down the article. Put the knife down into the polishing machine to polish the burr of the lost stamping, and the brightness of the progressive object.

6. Electroplating the badge

According to the customer's requirements, the plating of the badge can be gilding, silver plating, nickel plating, copper plating, etc., and then color the badge, and bake at high temperature to enhance the color fastness.

Finally, we will carry out the packaging according to the customer's requirements, and the packaging of ordinary packaging and high-end packaging, such as the golden box, will be operated according to the customer's requirements.